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She’s journeyed halfway across the world to marry a man she’s never met. Eighteen-year-old Gella Drozdinski arrives on the foreign plains of North Dakota afire with hope for a new life of happiness… only to find her new family haunted by sudden tragedy. As the seasons turn and change, she and the Rvorskys struggle to bridge past and present, laying old fears and secrets to rest even as an uncertain future looms. But when the daily toil of prairie life devolves into a fight for their very survival, the Rvorskys must reach beyond the limits of endurance for what might be their last, heartbreaking chance at redemption. Presented at last in novel format, the beloved story serialized in Binah Magazine now brims with over 250 pages of behind-the-scenes features and bonus historical content, including rare photos, documents, and a collection of fully annotated memoirs, as well as the previously published tie-in story Clandestined and prologue and epilogue vignettes. 


Author: Etka Gitel Schwartz

Dimensions: 6"x 9"

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-4276-9533-8

Length: 972

Full Harvest

$29.95 Regular Price
$26.96Sale Price
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