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From acclaimed author Rabbi Tzvi Hebel comes this superb collection of scintillating parshah gems, lovingly selected from the pages of the popular Mishnas Chayim weekly publication. With a deft and humorous touch, Mishnas Chayim blazes fresh paths through the weekly Torah portion by illuminating it through the Mishnah. Whether enjoyed alone or shared at the Shabbos table, this is a sefer that will delight and touch its readers -and their families-with insights and discussions that will continue to blossom long after Shabbos has passed.


Author: Rabbi Tzvi Hebel

Dimensions: 7" X 10"

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-4276-4371-1

Length: 592

Mishnas Chayim

$29.95 Regular Price
$26.96Sale Price
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